Radio Tracking Data, LLC, founded by high quality-driven radio professionals committed in becoming the premiere Spanish Radio Monitoring company serving the Hispanic markets in the US and Mexico. funded in 2003 by Juan Carlos Hidalgo president of Mass Radio the Spanish consulting leader company in the United States. He consults several top radio stations including KLAX, WLEY, KRZZ, KOXR, KXLM, KSBQ, KXSB, KCZN, KBTW, KLUN, KLMM, KXRS, XHTY, XHAMR, KCMT, KLVO,and WLKQ.

Juan Carlos Hidalgo has 19 years experience in radio, 15 of which have been spent programming stations across California, including KOFY, KTRO, KELF, and KLAX the first Latin radio station to become number one in Los Angeles.

Juan Carlos Hidalgo has been the top morning shows DJ in the competitive market of Los Angeles. He is also the voice you heard on a great deal of radio and television commercials, presentations, movie trailers, and many radio stations image voice.

Juan Carlos Hidalgo has been recognized as one of the most influential personalities in radio in the US Today by Billboard, Radio and Records, Antenna Magazine, Radar Musical and Radio Y Musica.

Juan Carlos Hidalgo also funded the most influential on-line Spanish Media publication and monitoring systems, updating the Advertising, radio and the music industry with the most trusted and complete information such as News, music charts, ads tracking information, new music releases, record sales, research, and the most powerful industry directory, to mention some features.

Radio Tracking Data , LLC. And Radio Tracking Data SA. De CV. provides strategic marketing information to radio, tv, advertising and the music Industry.